Gay Northampton: Out on Main Street

Once termed "Lesbianville, USA" by the National Enquirer, Northampton offers an LGBT community that is so thoroughly integrated with the rest of the town, there's not a single spot in the downtown area that's not considered gay-friendly. Over the years, transgender and gay male populations have joined the town's large lesbian population and made their homes in one of America's gayest cities (or "Noho," as the townies call it.) Main St. is where it all happens, with art galleries, restaurants, and bars all within walking distance from one another and the town's parking garage. This family-friendly college town offers entertainment for every age and appetite.

Imbiber beware: last call at every bar and nightclub in the town is at 1am sharp. Although most establishments stay open until 2am, "no new patrons are admitted after 1 per order of the city council."