Sugar Biscuit: Dat A$S *Queer Dance Party*


Sugar Biscuit: Dat A$$

The one and only Summer Biscuit so let's get dirty, sweaty, and dowwwn with each other before LeFox packs thier bags for P town persuits.

Gonna play a raunchie, dirty set bc that's what ya gotta do when it's 100 degrees out and the bass is pumping through your body. This is going to be a set full of "I don't give a f!@k tracks, bc any party that takes themselves too seriously is just plain borrrrring.

Let's make out all night and make sure the Basement floor is soaking wet with every bodily fluid possible by the time the night is over.

SUGAR BISCUIT is a one of a kind dance party for QUEERS and all of the other little animals in the forest that want to come out and get down with us.

Every first Friday we transform the Basement into more of an underground club. Black lights, disco balls, strobes, and beams of color are added to the space, along with a killer top of the line full sound system.

Noho resident fairy boi DJ LeFox will be spinning an eclectic mix of Tribal, House, Deep House, Indie, Remixes, and Nu Disco.